from £10.00

Wash & blowdry / set

Please allow an extra £5 for long/thick hair.

from £24.00

Wash, cut & blowdry

from £12.00

Gents cut

from £6.50

Childrens cut

from £40.00

Full head colour

from £35.00

Root re-touch

from £40.00

T section highlights

from £50.00

Half head of highlights

from £65.00

Full head of highlights

from £30.00

Capped highlights

from £35.00


from £2.00

Fringe Trim

from £12.00

Wet/Dry Cut

from £210.00

Hair extensions

(50% deposit is required)

from £110.00

Colour erase

Colour erase includes a free consultation, colour strip, highlights/full head colour, wash, cut & blowdry

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Colour consultation

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Wedding/bridal packages

let us know what treatments you would like done and how many people and we will then put together a package discount.

from £25.00


from £25.00


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wedding hair

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from £15.00

conditioning treatment

When having any colour
add just £12.00 for a wash, cut & blowdry

All colours require a skin test
48 hours prior to treatment